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A Vision of Art,
Business, and Community

The San Pablo Arts District fund’s (SPAD) mission is to establish an arts district along the San Pablo Avenue corridor, between 53rd and 67th Streets in Oakland, CA. This stretch of San Pablo Avenue, also known as the ‘Golden Gate Business District,’ is suffering from the recent economic downturn, furthering extant vacancy and blight.

Through a series of programs focused on property and community revitalization and active neighborhood promotion, SPAD will establish artist spaces and galleries along the corridor, and set up art initiatives and events in the community. The programs will benefit existing residents and businesses along the San Pablo Avenue corridor and encourage others to visit, work, shop, and move here.

Proposed programs will include utilization and improvement of existing structures to form affordable artist work spaces and live/work spaces. This will be accomplished through volunteer work, donations, and grants. SPAD will establish partnerships with well-known local and international galleries and art associations set up community outreach programs, foster public art, and produce events to promote the district.

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