Supporting Artists and
Strengthening the Community

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A Vision of Art,
Business, and Community

San Pablo ARts Disctrict Fund (SPAD) is a 501(c)(3) community benefit organization focused on cultural and economic revitalization through the arts.

The San Pablo Arts District fund’s (SPAD) mission is to bring contemporary art to underserved areas. Fostering financial and cultural revitalization through visual arts in communities suffering from economic downturn.

By bringing visual art to alternative spaces and creating art initiatives or partnerships, we foster an exchange between artists and the community.

We are forming a narrative that embraces creativity as a central theme attracting businesses and patrons to invest in the area.

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San Pablo Arts District
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True Stories

SPAD is dedicated to promoting art while facilitating urban development in emerging or underserved neighborhoods.  Converting storefronts into functional, alternative art galleries, SPAD confronts inner-city blight and strengthens community relations, while showcasing cutting-edge art.  Visit their website at

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